BBC Panoroma uses “ADHD Face” in what appears to be a second apparently unethical and disgraceful “investigation”

Robin Rowland
9 min readMay 13

UPDATE THREE 1531 Pacific Time May 15

The UK ADHD Foundation has issued a statement
Response to BBC Panorama “Private ADHD Clinics Exposed”

As I suspected Panorama failed to reach out the ADHD community groups in the UK. This is a major failure of journalistic ethics.

Whilst we welcome responsible and informed television journalism, any reporting that does not engage with patient led groups will inevitably be a cause of concern to us. We question the impartiality of this programme as The ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity and other NGOs have been left out of the conversation and research

The foundation says it reached out to Panorama after the initial publicity but was apparently ignored

We contacted the reporting team on May 4th, 11 days before the programme was to be broadcast, to explain points of concern so they understood the context of why so many people cannot access health care from the NHS and must resort to private providers. It took until the afternoon of May 12th for them to respond to our concerns, which do not appear to have been considered in the programme.

We are disappointed that BBC Panorama has opted to broadcast a poorly researched, sensationalist piece of television journalism. This programme has focussed on a niche issue whilst completely ignoring the broader context, including why there has been a rapid growth in private providers.

Read the entire statement at the link above.

UPDATE TWO 1433 Pacific Time May 15, 2023

The reaction from those people in the UK with ADHD/ADD on Twitter who have now watched the program is overwhelmingly angry; up to outrage.
(Unfortunately none are using a thread compiler or link to a site so so far I cannot post them)

There is clearly a serious flaw in the story. While Rory Carson “pretended” to have ADHD with the clinics, when he met with the National Health Service for an interview cum diagnosis that was all set up beforehand — in other words the request for an interview was vetted by the

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